Kelley's Journey

Six Weeks Post Surgery

July 29, 2019
six weeks after mastectomy surgery

So, I am now six weeks out and it has been a good recovery. I have had a few set backs, but overall, I am doing really well. The pain took about four weeks to go away completely. You definitely need to take it easy, do not do too much or lift too much, even if you think you can.

My set back has been incision healing and closure. It is very common to have very slow wound healing, due to lack of blood supply. So, my sutures dissolved, but my incisions were not closed yet. It just did not look good. Granular tissue looks like a white, light yellow color, so you immediately think that it is infected. Initially this was not the case for me, but because the wound was open, the right breast did get infected.

Dr. Capizzi lightly closed the incision with sutures, but not tight, so that fluid could still leave my body. I was put on antibiotics for a week and told to not lift or do anything. So, puts you back at square 1, but I followed the rules and it looks a lot better. A very common problem for post Mastectomy patients, so if this does happen to you as well, do not be alarmed, just get it taken care of.

I am still waiting on wound closure, but I am getting closer every day.

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