Kelley's Journey

Let’s Talk About Mastectomy and Nipples

July 22, 2019

So, I no longer have nipples and initially I thought that was going to be really hard for me and my husband! First, my husband is so great with me being healthy and happy, he did not think twice about this issue! You can totally look at this in two ways – I chose the positive! I no longer have to worry about high beams! I am personally very happy for this, because I speak in front of groups all the time and to not have to worry about high beams is a very good thing for me.

But, my amazing Plastic Surgeon said that he can make some for me, if I become lonely and want them back. He can build them and then I can get the coloring tattooed. I am open to all of those things and highly encourage whatever road you would like to take. I am going to have scar lines from my incisions, where my nipples were, so I am feeling like getting a nice floral tattoo piece on both sides, to cover the scars and be done with it. But to each her own!!

I am all about getting them rebuilt as well, if that is the way you would like to go. The point is – this is a journey and Andrea and I are here to help. I feel like this has been a very positive experience for me and nipples are just not a worry, but they might become one later, so we have options, Ladies! Fear not! I am posting a picture with this post – 6 weeks out from Surgery – not looking too shabby at my national sales meeting!

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