Kelley's Journey

My Oncotype DX Test Results

July 3, 2019

Oncotype DX is the only genomic test proven to predict a patient’s individual benefit from chemotherapy. This is an amazing and accurate test and you should definitely get this done after your surgery. We did the Oncotype DX testing on both of my tumors, to find out if chemo therapy treatment was needed.

My score on the left breast tumor came back at a 17. You want to be at 25 or under. My right breast tumor came back at a 5. My Oncologist gave me the report and it shows the break down of the percentage chance that your cancer will come back with certain kinds of treatment. Tamoxifen, which is the drug that I am taking, gives me a 5% chance that the cancer will come back. Chemo would only reduce that percentage 1 more percentage point, so Chemo would only improve your chances by 1%, so I do not need Chemotherapy.

So, my Oncologist sees me every six weeks right now and then we will go to every six months, to do breast exams and make sure nothing is coming back, but for now, I am cured and the tamoxifen will be what drops my chances of the Cancer coming back. I have listed the link for this drug, above. So far, I have had no side effects and am doing really well.

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