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My Plastic Surgeon: Dr. Peter Capizzi

June 1, 2019
dr peter capizzi

This will be a very easy post for me, as I absolutely love my Plastic Surgeon. What an amazing and talented Doctor. I initially went to Dr. Peter Capizzi for Breast implants in 2012. He did a fantastic job. I barely had to take Advil the next day and they looked fabulous. A true professional and he has the most amazing Practice of wonderful Nurses and staff.

Sidebar on my previous implants – I want to state very clearly that these did NOT cause my Cancer. I got implants because I had uneven breasts and one was smaller than the other and if I lost or gained weight, there was a significant difference, so I got them evened out and I loved them.

Dr. Capizzi met with me before my Mastectomy and we discussed what was possible in my case. First, this was all going to be done in one surgery – Mastectomy and reconstruction would be done at the same time. This was possible because I was going to be going to a smaller size breast and there would be enough skin to place the new implants, without needing expanders.

My Mastectomy was not nipple sparing. Nipples have ducts and ducts carry Cancer, since part of my diagnosis was Ductile Carcinoma or DCIS, it was not recommended that those be saved.

So, now all the pieces of the puzzle were in place and it was time for Surgery.

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