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Jackson-Pratt Drains

June 23, 2019
jackson pratt drains breast cancer

Let’s talk about Drains! A Jackson-Pratt drain (also called a JP drain) is a closed-suction medical device that is commonly used as a post-operative drain for collecting bodily fluids from surgical sites. The device consists of an internal drain connected to a grenade-shaped bulb via plastic tubing.

What can I say- I hated them and was thankful to only have two drains, as most people have four. They give you all kinds of instructions on your drains and how and when to empty them and measure the output.

They are a bit uncomfortable and you do have to be careful of your movements as well. On this site, we have posted a few links for apparel that you can wear, that has drain pockets built in. I lived in the short sleeve hoodie from .

I would also make sure that they give you a lanyard when you leave the hospital, it was in a nice kit that they gave me, but this is what is very helpful when you shower – so you can hook your drains to the lanyard.

When it is finally time to take your drains out, it does not hurt at all and you will be so excited to see them go. Drains are a part of this journey and you do need them, but the are just a pain and I was so happy when they were gone.

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