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Selecting My Plastic Surgeon: David H. Song, MD

June 27, 2019
david song md georgetown

Dr. Tousimis referred me to her colleague Dr. David H. Song who is MedStar Health’s Physician Executive Director for MedStar Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and Academic Chair for the Department of Plastic Surgery at Georgetown University Medical Center. An internationally recognized expert in plastic surgery, Dr. Song is known for his pioneering work in chest wall reconstruction techniques, particularly DIEP flap procedures, and oncoplastic surgery. He is also a specialist in performing lymphovenous bypass and lymph node transfer using microsurgical and super-microsurgical techniques to reduce the severity of lymphedema.

A widely published and prolific researcher, Dr. Song is an associate editor for plastic surgery’s leading professional journals, a reviewer for many other medical publications, and an editor or co-author of numerous text books and chapters, respectively. He is a frequent guest lecturer at major medical schools and hospitals, and appears regularly as a speaker at national and international conferences. Before joining MedStar, Dr. Song was chief of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at The University of Chicago Medicine. He is a past president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and a director for the American Board of Plastic Surgery, among others.

I met with Dr. Song on June 27th, and found him to be a”rockstar” surgeon like Dr. Tousimis. The two surgeons work together frequently, and that was important to me. He recommended Prepectoral Implants which he will put in place after Dr. Tousimis does her part of the surgery. He said that in the second phase of my breast reconstruction, he would do liposuction on my abdomen and place the fat in my breasts. This will keep me at my current full C cup size.

Watch this video to learn more about Dr. Song and breast reconstruction options.

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