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mastectomy hospital bag
Andrea's Journey

What To Pack in Hospital Bag for Mastectomy Surgery

WHAT I’M WEARING: Hat – Tshirt – WHAT’S IN MY HOSPITAL BAG: Pink Fleece and Sherpa Blanket – Comfy Non-Slip Socks – Black Short Sleeve Hoodie Zip Up with drain pockets – Black Long Sleeve Hoodie Zip Up with…

August 14, 2019
mastectomy surgery recovery shopping haul
Andrea's Journey

Mastectomy Shopping Haul

Here are some things I purchased for my mastecomy and breast reconstruction recovery: BREAST CANCER HAUL: Back Scratcher – Lanyard – Safety Pins- Pink Pockets – Chloreseptic – Dulcolax – Eos Lip Balm – Medicine Organizer –…

August 10, 2019
medstar georgetown hospital washington dc
Andrea's Journey

Mastectomy and Breast Reconstruction Surgery Date

On July 29th, my mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery date was confirmed. Monday, August 19th will be the date of my surgery at Medstar Georgetown University Hospital. In addition to my client, Dr. Tina Alster being a Clinical Professor of Dermatology at Georgetown, my…

July 29, 2019
Kelley's Journey

Surgery Day and Hospital Stay

You know, I can tell you that I was ready for this day! Cancer had been in my body long enough! I had the perfect team of Doctors and I was ready. I had my surgery at Novant Presbyterian Medical Center. The Surgery itself,…

June 18, 2019
dr peter capizzi
Kelley's Journey

My Plastic Surgeon: Dr. Peter Capizzi

This will be a very easy post for me, as I absolutely love my Plastic Surgeon. What an amazing and talented Doctor. I initially went to Dr. Peter Capizzi for Breast implants in 2012. He did a fantastic job. I barely had to take…

June 1, 2019
dr peter turk
Kelley's Journey

My Breast Surgeon: Dr. Peter Turk

Finding the right breast cancer surgeon and treatment plan is very personal for everyone, and I encourage you to speak to as many surgeons as you would like. In my case, I was initially referred to a very good surgeon by my radiology and…

May 28, 2019